Carmen Stevens

Carmen Stevens is our long-time, invaluable legal assistant. Her duties range from reception to drafting court documents, and everything in-between. She has been Phoebe’s primary assistant since 2000 and thus, has drafted most types of legal documents, and dealt with an array of clients and client needs. She was born and raised in Caro and is a graduate of Caro High School. She is also a well-respected and licensed real estate agent and thus, has tremendous knowledge of the real estate market and general real estate facts. Carmen is also an avid horse owner and rider. She has been known to ride a Harley-Davidson as well. Carmen lives in Caro and resides with her long-time significant other, James. Over and above all of her credentials and knowledge of the community, not unlike our several clients and neighboring farmers, Carmen brings a top-notch work ethic to our firm everyday. She regularly meets clients prior to 8:00 a.m. or on the weekend with a contract. Her dedication and commitment to our clients is unmatched in the Caro legal community. Based upon her vast experience, she provides a strong , caring, and committed bridge between the client and attorney, and is a tremendous asset to our firm.