Phoebe J, Moore PC- Legal Support in MI.

Our goal is to provide quality legal support and counsel to our clients. We have a reputation for thoroughness and preparedness that is widely recognized and respected in the legal community. We work together, with the client, to achieve the most successful client outcome. Our attorneys are committed, experienced lawyers who take our responsibilities seriously, knowing that the results we achieve for our client will have a lasting impact on their lives.

Recent Success

Just in the month of June, 2020, Phoebe J. Moore PC, zealously and compassionately fought for our client’s rights in Tuscola, Sanilac, and Huron County, as follows:

1. After a full day trial with several witnesses and exhibits reflecting Mother’s severe instability and mental health issues, obtained SOLE custody for a father who discovered he was, in fact, the biological father of his 12-year-old, just 6 months ago. We are so excited for both of them.

2. After a three (3) day trial with five (5) witnesses, and two (2) experts, successfully maintained child support for a mother of two (2) children of nearly $600/mo. from a non-custodial father/farmer who argued he should not have to pay anything because his income on his tax returns was a negative figure, by requesting the Court impute income to this individual because he has an “unexercised ability to earn” under the recent amendments to the Michigan Child Support Formula Manual.

3. Obtained an Emergency Order for Immediate Return of Children from another state, unlawfully taken from a father by a mother, to another state, and obtained sanctions for the mother’s unlawful conduct;

4. On behalf of the State of Michigan, DHHS, drafted, filed, and obtained immediate authorization from the Court to remove children that were being sexually abused and/or neglected by their parents, and filed another immediate motion to terminate visits from parents that were neglecting their children;

5. After a full one (1) day trial with several witnesses, successfully re-instated Mother’s parenting time after four (4) years with very little parenting time, due to a severely controlling ex-husband that would not provide her children. She will have her first holiday with her girls in five years this 4th of July!

6. After a two (2) day trial, including our expert mental health therapist, re-established parenting time via a healthy re-integration schedule, approximately one (1) year after father physically abused the oldest child.

When you need us, we are there, typically within hours. We have the best support staff in the business. Our two (2) paralegals and one (1) additional assistant, along with Phoebe Moore, a born leader, confidant, and brilliant family/business lawyer, can and will, continue to provide, you, our friends, neighbors, and community residents, the legal support you need, with compassion, skill, and professionalism. We remain humbly at your service in this pandemic, and will continue to assist you through any crisis.